Ho Ho Ho!

Welcome to the combat card game where you take on the mantle of a major holiday and duke it out with other holiday mascots – including the big red guy himself – to become the new Reason for the Season.

The Fighter


Lucky is a diminutive, ruthless fighter who makes his own luck. His special abilities are focused on stacking your deck (and other players’ decks) in your favor.

The Seraphim


Cupid - much like love - is unknowable. He attacks fast and frequently, and has the healing power of love on his side. His specials will make other players fall madly in love with you.

The Necromancer


The undead lord of Halloween, Jack has lots of spooky tricks up his sleeve. His specials focus on raising discarded cards from the dead to be played again.

The Bomber


Esther is hard to hit and she hits hard. Her weapons are limited, but they pack a big punch, and her specials are focused on being nimble and evading or deflecting damage.

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