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Atomic Kaiju

Atomic Kaiju

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Ahh! It's Atomic Kaiju!

Welcome to the deck-building card game where you race to hatch giant beasts and destroy enemy cities with military and monstrous might!

Build your Army

Atomic Kaiju is a deck-building game, which means you start with a fairly small, weak deck and over the course of the game you accumulate more and more powerful cards.

Destroy the City!

The object of the game is to use your military and your monsters to demolish your opponent’s city, bringing their city points from 75 down to zero.

100+ Card Market Deck

Spend Science and Material Points to buy cards from a market of over 100 cards to bolster your military might, mutate gameplay, and establish buff locations.

Military Cards

Use these to buy new resources
and attack your opponent.

Location Cards

Play these next to your Kaiju Nest
and reap their benefits every turn.

Mutation Cards

Use these to change the fate
of the game on a moment’s notice.

Research Cards

Use these to buy new mutations
that change the game, or...

Hatch a Gargantuan Kaiju!

Draw 7 Science Points in one hand and you can hatch the ultimate weapon - a gigantic Kaiju beast to lay waste to your enemies!


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